Business Development

Sanzyme’s Business Development team has been instrumental in Sanzyme’s making international footprints in a short period. The team has collaborated with leading Pharma giants worldwide in select countries like Malaysia, Srilanka, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Kenya, Cameroon, and Mauritius. It has set up the presence of our fertility drugs there. Talks are on with another twenty nations to establish the market for Sanzyme’s fertility drugs in those markets too. The business development team at Sanzyme has been working relentlessly to set footprints for Sanzyme’s medicines across the world with solid collaborations and by way of contract manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing

The leadership team at Sanzyme is well aware of the vast market potential of fertility hormones and gonadotropins worldwide. However, it is impractical to get the drugs across markets under our brand name by merely collaborating with pharma marketers. The business development team of Sanzyme, therefore, has built a revolutionary concept, perhaps the first in the international market, for sex gonadotropins foraying into contract manufacturing of the drugs for other pharma companies under their brand name. These pharma giants already have well-established brand name and marketing networks. Sanzyme has successfully implemented this in the domestic market in India and realized the true potential of the drugs if supplied through contract manufacturing in addition to the indigenous brands created by Sanzyme. The same concept has now been expanded to hit international markets. Sanzyme has invited leading pharma brands worldwide to collaborate for the same.

Sanzyme aims to become a global name in the infertility drugs market by establishing a network.