Our Facility

Technology And Workmanship

Our goal is to produce ‘tears of joy’ in couples longing for parenthood, hence at our manufacturing facility machines work with brain and men work with heart.

We blend technology with workmanship to ensure the most delicate hormones called ‘Gonadotropins’ stay intact till the end of their shelf-life. Our technical strength comes from a team of 215 experts with Ph.Ds, Masters and Bachelors from Science, Biotech, Pharmacy or Engineering.

Our best-in-class, cGMP- compliant formulation manufacturing facilities are well-structured with Quality Control lab and Bio Lab to ensure high standards, catering to domestic and International markets, these facilities manufacture a wide range of injectables using aseptic filling / terminal sterilization.

Our well-established Research and Development wing is approved by DSIR (Ministry of Science and Technology) focuses on clinical research and has sophisticated facilities for Analytical, Biological and Microbiological tests and research.